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CG is proud to be a part of the USD 4 billion Avantha Group, a reputed Indian Industrial conglomerate led by its Chairman, Mr Gautam Thapar. Avantha has business interests in diverse areas, including pulp and paper, power generation, transmission and distribution equipments, solutions and services, food processing, farm forestry, chemicals, energy, infrastructure, information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services.


CG and the other flagship company of the Avantha Group, Ballarpur Industries Limited which is the largest manufacturer of writing and printing paper in India are publicly listed entities.


In keeping with its growing aspirations, Avantha has been aggressively expanding overseas. With a global footprint, the Group operates in 90 countries with more than 25,000 employees.


Led by its Chairman Mr. Gautam Thapar, the Avantha Group demonstrates strong leadership capabilities globally; and, emerges as a focused corporate house, leveraging its knowledge, leadership and operations to create and deliver lasting value for its stakeholders and investors.



Genesis of Avantha


Though the conglomerate was re-christened in the year 2007, its foundations were laid at the turn of the millennium. Avantha is a prospering offshoot of the erstwhile Thapar Group, which was founded by the eminent Industrialist Lala Karam Chand Thapar eighty years ago. The erstwhile Thapar Group once big, is now even bigger and better with Avantha.



The Significance


The name "AVANTHA" has Indo-European origins. In Sanskrit, the word "avni" is "the earth" and "tha" comes from "sthapna" which means "to establish". Together they represent stability and a strong foundation. In French, "Avancer" means "to advance"; which represents forward movement and growth. The syllable "tha" also symbolises the Thapar legacy being reflected through the new Group name.



Social Responsibilities


As a leading global business organisation, Avantha`s and the responsibilities of the companies in its fold extend beyond mere bottom line concerns; and, encompass a committed intensity to its social responsibilities. Avantha believes that its sustainability is intrinsically linked to its ability to address the sustainable development of the society and communities in which it works and the environment in which it operates. This belief and commitments, which is translated into a long-term approach is core to Avantha`s corporate philosophy and is the way its business is conducted globally. Across Avantha, good citizenship is a clearly articulated objective, with focused emphasis on education, community development, infrastructure and healthcare.



Avantha Values


Avantha envisions creating lasting value for all its stakeholders through "Integrity", "Imagination" and "Individual". These three values define its business ethos and philosophy. Avantha constantly seeks to set and redefine the gold standard in every business it operates, thereby creating lasting value for our employees, customers, partners, shareholders and society.


The three Avantha Values are in perfect harmony with the core CG Values of Performance Excellence, Leading Edge Knowledge, Nurturance, Customer Orientation and Intellectual Honesty, which form the backbone and driving force for CG's business and human capital initiatives.

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