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The Board of Directors is vested with the responsibility of guiding and reviewing the Company`s overall Management philosophy and direction; and, influencing the CG Group`s Global footprint and business perspective across all its companies worldwide.


The Board of Directors of the Company consists of eight Board members. Mr. Gautam Thapar is a Non Executive Director. Mr. K. N. Neelkant is CEO and Managing Director. Mr. Sudhir Mathur is a Whole Time Executive Director. Dr Omkar Goswami is a Non-Executive Director. Four other Directors Mr. Jitender Balakrishnan, Ms. Ramni Nirula, Mr. Ashish Guha and Mr. Narayan K. Seshadri, are Independent Directors and professionals of international stature.


The Board is actively involved in formulating the Company`s business strategies and thereafter, regularly reviewing the Company`s major plans and policies to achieve its growth and profitability objectives. The pre-dominant independent composition of the Board, facilitates constructive critique and, helps challenge the Management to continuously stretch its performance. The terms and conditions governing the appointment of these Independent Directors are set out as under.


Click here to view the terms and conditions for appointment of Independent Directors.


 Click here to view the Policy for Independent Directors.


Ramni Nirula - Non Executive Independent Director
Ashish Guha - Non Executive Independent Director
Narayan K Seshadri - Non Executive Independent Director





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