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Advanced Motor Design & Technology Centre (AMDTC)

Advanced Motor Design and Technology Center (AMDTC) is one amongst the five Technology Mission areas in CG Global R&D. It foresees the technologies developed by competitors and design the best possible solution by using application engineering. It is also involved and committed in:

AMDTC Lab Electronically commutated motor
 Motor test facility  VSIG Controller


  • Identification and development of appropriate "Platform Technologies" namely Solar, Wind, HVAC and Automotive, as well as products in existing market whose efficiency, smartness and competitiveness can be better met by the advanced technologies
  • Design and development of Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Technology is one of the major technologies developed of this group, which was awarded Golden Peacock award in the year 2005
  • BLDC technology is being used for fans for domestic Ceiling Fans, Railways , AC and non AC bus coaches, domestic and industrial fans, Telecom shelters, Electric vehicles, air conditioners etc

The AMDTC is fully equipped with automated testing facilities. Few of them are:

  • Computerized Motor testing set up upto 7.5kW
  • Motor & Electronics assembly Lab
  • Ceiling Fan test setup
  • Induction Motor test setup


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