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Learning is a continuous process at CG. Right from the moment an employee joins the CG family, the acculturation and the learning process commences through the various initiatives. 

All new employees, undergo an orientation programmme whereby they learn about the core values and vision, culture , processes and the various improvement initiatives undertaken by the Company.

Improvement initiatives focus on institutionalizing for improvement programmes in all processes, products and services through using a proper methodology for solving problems. Internal trainers and champions are regularly developed by the organization to carry forward these initiatives on a continuous basis. The lessons learnt through the implementation of the successful initiatives is also tracked so that successful replication is made possible.

Apart from the above, training needs are identified at organizational, departmental and individual level. Training is organised through internal / external trainers, deputing / sponsoring employees to programmes, seminars, conferences and workshops arranged by leading training institutes.

For the top performers in Leadership Band, the company has launched a programme on "Leading a Global Organisation", which has been christened as LAGO.

Superior Performers have also been nominated for the programmes at IMD on "Orchestrating a Winning Performance"

The prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, which is the number one business school in India, conducts 3-tier programmes on leadership development against which Superior performers from the various levels within the leadership band, are nominated by the company on a regular basis.

Each of the above participants are provided a change in their roles and responsibilities to maximize their contribution derived through the exposure that has been provided to them through these training inputs.

For the superior performers in the Managerial Band, a talent pipeline development program titled "Business Leadership Development" has been launched.

All the executives get an opportunity to be nominated for training programmes through the Corporate Training Calender as well as to the programmes which are conducted locally at the units.

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