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CG encourages its employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle, both at work and at home. Our goal is to empower employees to take personal responsibility for their health.

We believe that a healthy workforce is more energetic and productive; healthy employees decrease health-related costs. In addition, a comprehensive health and wellness program helps us to attract and retain a talented workforce.

CG’s comprehensive health, wellness and occupational health programs operate seamlessly. This integrated approach allows us to gather population-level data about health conditions that affect our workforce and tailor programs to address them. Because we know that families influence each other’s behavior, we offer our wellness programs to CG spouses, and children as well.

Our wellness programs are convenient and are offered at many sites as well as online. And our programs leverage technology to help employees monitor their progress electronically.

Medical check-up 

We undertake a medical check-up of all employees. Preventive and early detection provide the basis for a healthy workplace.


CG also has a cricket club and employees are encouraged to participate in cricket tournaments.

Gym & Recreational Center

Our Corporate Office in Mumbai houses a recreational area that gives employees an opportunity to unwind, relax their minds and bodies, and feel rejuvenated. It features a Games Room and carrom boards, as well as a Reading Room.

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