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CG has a robust business review framework, to monitor the ultimate direction and implementation of the Company`s business strategies and plans.  


Periodically, each business presents its strategic road map at specially constituted Board meetings. Approved initiatives form a part of the growth and business strategy of the Divisions. The performance of the businesses is reviewed at monthly meetings, through a monthly review by the Managing Director with the Management team. Operational Issues and budgets are extensively monitored through an elaborate Management Information System, with adequate focus on non-financial business enablers including process improvements and customer service. 



Corporate Initiatives :


CG is poised to scale even greater heights and has set challenging targets in its quest to be a leading player in the global market, to ensure a sustainable future for all its stakeholders. The plans and targets cover all the key areas that CG wishes to excel in : Growth, Productivity, Technology and People. In order to achieve these, CG has instituted various performance improvement and measurement systems. Several critical business enablers are driven on a company - wide basis as corporate drives.


Some of these Corporate initiatives are CG Productivity System (CGPS), Six Sigma (for "quality as perceived by the customer"), CG Mile, Business Excellence, CSR, etc.


A separate monitoring framework has been established for a more focused review of these enablers with senior management participation. This dedicated approach has enabled the Company to exceed 133% CGPS productivity norms at all its India locations and enhance its process and supplier quality through six sigma standards.

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