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Induction and Familiarisation Programme for Directors


CG has in place a structured Induction and Familiarisation Programme for its Directors to understand and update themselves with CG’s business and operations on a continuous basis. A new Director will attend a familiarisation programme which is tailored to the needs of their appointment. This includes a presentation by the Managing Director giving a broad overview of the Company. The induction pack to be provided to a new Director will include CG’s Board and Committee framework, CG Policies and procedures, statutory declarations, forms and other documentation.


In addition to the above, the Programme also includes actions for continuous business familiarisation. These actions include periodic presentations on strategic road map, budgets and other operational matters at specially constituted Board meetings, update by Business Heads on progress of Key Projects, presentations by the Managing Director indicating overall performance against strategic plan, business-wise performance, key achievements & financials and regular interactions with plant management and employees.

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