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27th Jan. 2012
CG achieves new milestone in the development & production of Ultra High Voltage Transmission equipment (UHV)

January 27th 2012 : CG’s first 1200 kV product, namely the Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT) was successfully trial charged at PGCIL’s Bina substation, the world’s highest kV class transmission system. This celebrated moment was witnessed by all the members of the 1200 kV Steering Committee of PGCIL and CG.  Two other CG UHV products have also been delivered to the same site: a 1200 kV 333 MVA Power Transformer and a 1200 kV Metal Oxide Surge Arrester (MOSA). 


The CVT products have been designed, engineered and manufactured by CG.  This indigenous development, achieved in record time in total collaboration with PGCIL, confirms CG’s capacity to become a leading provider of UHV equipment.


This extraordinary “concept to delivery” milestone is the achievement of highly qualified R&D and manufacturing engineers. The products have been extensively tested in various in-house and Research Laboratories in Asia, Europe and Americas for their capacity and reliability.  To date, CG is the first & the only organization to have delivered three key UHV products to this prestigious PGCIL UHV project.


India, as many other large countries, has engaged in the development of a 1200 kV Electrical Transmission System to tackle the ever-growing power demand.  Establishment of the National UHV test station at Bina by PGCIL is a major step to becoming self-reliant in meeting the transmission requirements of the country with minimal loss.  CG is a prime partner in this great endeavour.


Commenting on this achievement Laurent Demortier, CEO & MD, CG, said, “We are very proud to be partnering PGCIL in this prestigious project and to be significantly contributing to the improvement of the power transmission system in India.  CG resources worldwide have been fully mobilized to ensure the success of UHV product developments.  The success of the energisation of the CVT not only demonstrates the maturity of CG in the manufacturing and designing of UHV products but also opens for the group, a large market in India, Europe, Russia, China and Americas, where such technology will also be required”.

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