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Life @ CG

As one of the world's leading engineering corporations, CG provides end-to-end solutions, helping its
customers use electrial power effectively and increase industrial productivity with substainability.


Employees at CG come from various walks of life. This mix of people provides for a rich diversity in all aspects – different age groups, varied backgrounds and good blend of perspectives.

Life At CG
Life At CG

Life At CG
Life At CG

Our employees cherish the freedom that is provided to them at work and this will continue to be our proposition to them and our future employees too.

Structured training programs address the needs of the graduate Engineering Trainees, Executives and staff members towards the up-gradation of their knowledge, skills and behaviour. The breadth of the programs is reflected in the comprehensive annual training calendar. Understandably, a career with CG offer a lifetime of learning.

CG follows the policy of not replacing employees, and have existing employees take on greater and multiple responsibilities instead. This way, CG promotes and offer growth opportunity to internal talent, wherever possible, to occupy vacant leadership positions that are needed to be filled. The Company has always invested in employee development. CG's HR initiatives, albeit at a reduced level, focus on maintaining employee engagement and building positivity across the organization.