Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence is about reviewing and raising the performance threshold, for Self and as Part of a Team, for competitive edge; setting and meeting stretch targets; accomplishing and exceeding performance commitments. It means discouraging mediocrity in others and ourselves and confronting status quo.

Leading Edge Knowledge

Leading Edge Knowledge is a necessary ingredient for competitiveness and growth; enhancing capabilities; actively pursuing and applying Best Practices; continuously upgrading and benchmarking with Best In Class. It is the key to working smart instead of working hard; a continuous search for alternatives and new ways of doing things.


Nurturance is helping ourselves and others to grow in professional and personal life. It encourages an atmosphere of fairness with participation and a climate of trust as well as trustworthiness; a positive environment for CG to become a learning Organization; for connection between CG and its Employees.

Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation is sensitivity and responsiveness to the market and customer needs for high quality existing as well as new products and services, with deliveries and after-sales service as committed. It establishes positive long term relationships with both internal and external customers.

Intellectual Honesty

Intellectual Honesty is honesty to self; doing what we say; making and meeting meaningful commitments. It goes beyond simplistic integrity, financial honesty, telling the truth and includes openness and speaking up in situations when silence would yield an undesired result.