1. I want to authorise another person to deal with my shares. Do I have to report this to the Company?

Yes. You will have to execute a Power of Attorney in favour of the concerned person and submit a notarised copy of the same to the R&T Agent for registration. After scrutiny of the documents we shall register the Power of Attorney and intimate you the registration number of the same.


2. What is the procedure for registering change of name of shareholders?

Shareholders may request the Company's R&T Agent for effecting change of name in the share certificate(s) and records of the Company. Original share certificate(s) along with the supporting documents like marriage certificate, court order etc. should be enclosed. The R&T Agent after verification, will effect the change of name and send the share certificate(s) in the new name of the shareholders. Shareholders holding shares in demat form, may request the concerned Depository Participant in the format prescribed by them.


3. Does the Company follow a Quiet Period Policy for External Communications?

Yes. The Company follows a Quiet Period Policy during which the Company shall not engage in any discussions, communications or other interaction with Analysts, investors or Media.

This “Quiet Period” will commence on the 16th of the third month of each quarter and continue upto the conclusion of the Board Meeting at which the financial results for each Quarter are announced to the Stock Exchanges.


In view of the above the Quiet Periods during any Financial Year will be as under :

16th June Date of Board Meeting at which 1st Quarter Results will be announced.
16th September Date of Board Meeting at which 2nd Quarter and Half Yearly Results will be announced.
16th December Date of Board Meeting at which 3rd  Quarter  and Nine months results will be announced.
16th March Date of Board Meeting at which 4th Quarter and Annual Results will be announced.


During the Quiet Period :

  1. The Company’s Investor Services Department will continue to address Investor related issues.
  2. The Company will continue its communications with the Stock Exchanges and other Regulatory Authorities as required by Law


4. Where do I get information about my unclaimed dividends?

By April/May of every year, the Company sends reminders to shareholders who have not claimed their dividends to collect their unclaimed dividend amounts.

In addition, shareholders can view the status of their unclaimed dividends, by registering at “Investor Access”, the web portal for shareholders through the link available on our homepage. The portal contains  the requisite information relating to name of the shareholder, address, unclaimed dividend amounts, the date of declaration etc. The dates on which dividends will be transferred to the Investor Education & Protection Fund have been indicated in the latest Annual Report of the Company, in the Corporate Governance Section.

In case of any difficulty accessing the portal, please feel free to contact the Investor Services Department of CG, who will assist you with the registration and requisite information.



5. Where do I get information about my unclaimed fixed deposits ?

The Company has discontinued acceptance of fresh deposits and also renewal of existing deposits. For the status of Company's unclaimed deposits click here

Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd (formerly Intime Spectrum Registry Limited) continues to be the Company's Registrars for all matters related to the Company's Fixed Deposit Scheme. The contact details of Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd are mentioned in the Report on Corporate Governance in the latest CG Annual Report.



6. What is CG Investor Query System?

CG Investor Query System is a web-based mechanism through which shareholders can send-in queries relating to any processing activity concerning their shareholding in CG. The email will be directed to our R & T Agent, Datamatics Financial Services Limited (DFSL) who will promptly respond to the e-mail id of the queries. Each query will be issued a unique identification code for reference and tracking.