1. I have purchased the Company's shares. How do I get them registered? How long will it take?

You will need to send the share certificates along with the Share Transfer Deed,(available with the Stock Exchange/Share Brokers) duly filled in, executed and affixed with share transfer stamps @ 0.25% of the market value of shares, to our R&T Agent. Normally, it takes 30 days for processing the documents after they are received by the R&T Agent.


2. I would like to gift some shares to my children/relatives. How do I get them registered in their names? Does it involve stamp duty?

The procedure of registration of gift shares is same as the procedure for a normal transfer. Stamp duty is also applicable in case of gifted shares @ 0.25% of the market value prevailing on the date of execution of the transfer deed by the transferee.


3. Where should I send the shares for transfer? Can I hand it over at your Branch Office?

The process of registration of share transfer is carried out only at our R&T Agent, Alternatively, you may lodge the share transfer documents at the Investor Service Department of the Company. Their contact details are provided under “Co-ordinates” in the Investors Section on this website.


4. What is the stamp duty on shares? Where do I get these stamps?

The stamp duty applicable on share transfer is @ 0.25% on the market value of the shares on the date of execution of the transfer deed. You can contact the nearest "General Stamp Office" for getting the Transfer deeds stamped.


5. I want to add another joint-holder to my shareholding. What is the procedure that I should follow?

You will have to execute a transfer deed, duly stamped and submit the same to our R&T Agent, for transfer. Please note that such addition of name amounts to change in ownership of shares and the procedure for transfer has to be followed.


6. I have purchased the Company's shares long back but I forgot to get them transferred in my favour. What is the procedure that I should follow now?

A transfer deed is valid for a period of one year from the presentation date indicated in the stamp affixed by the Registrar of Companies on the upper portion of the Deed or the closure date of Register of Members immediately after the presentation date, whichever is later. Please check whether your transfer deed is still valid. If so, submit the transfer deed duly executed and stamped along with the share certificates to our R&T Agent. If the validity period of the transfer deed has expired, you will have to approach the Registrar of Companies for extending the validity of the transfer deed. Alternatively, you may approach the registered holder/seller to execute fresh transfer deeds. Thereafter you may submit the fresh/revalidated transfer deed to the R&T Agent, for transfer.


7. What things must be checked before lodging a transfer deed to the Company?

Following things should be checked before the lodgment of share certificate for transfer to the Company:

  1. Check the validity of the Transfer Form as this Form is valid for one year.
  2. Fill all details which are required in the Form.
  3. Frank Stamp duty @ 0.25% of total consideration
  4. Put the Transaction Date on the Form, this date should be a date after the stamping date on the Transfer Form.
  5. Attach relevant Share Certificate with the Transfer Deed.
  6. Enclosed a self attested PAN Card copy


8. What is to be done if the transfer is rejected for signature difference?

You will get an objection letter from R&T Agent. The objection letter will contain solutions for removing this objection. Typical solutions are: 

  1. Signature should be attested by the Bank Manager .
  2. Send Proof of Residence
  3. Send copy of the PAN Card.


9. Is Permanent Account Number for transfer of shares in physical form mandatory?

SEBI vide its Circular dated May 20, 2009 has stated that for securities market transactions and off-market transactions involving transfer of shares in physical form of listed companies, it shall be mandatory for the transferee(s) to furnish copy of PAN card to the Company/R&T Agent for registration of such transfer of shares.