QEI LLC (CG Automation Solutions USA Inc.)


Incorporated in 2001 as Microsol Inc, the Company was established as the Project Delivery Centre for the erstwhile Microsol Group with responsibilities for project delivery and customer service for USA.

It operates alongside two other Automation facilities � a Corporate Head Office and Development Centre in Dublin, Ireland and a Project Delivery Centre for UK, Europe and Africa in UK.

In 2007, the erstwhile Microsol Group became a part of the CG family.

The Business of CG Automation Systems USA forms an integral part of the Power Systems Strategic Business Unit of CG.



CG Automation Systems USA provides a wide variety of Automation Products and services to the Electric Utility Industry. CG Automation's customers are a mixture of major utilities, government and military agencies as well as global Electrical Transmission and Distribution OEM's.

The Company is a leading developer of hardware and software for electricity utilities with particular focus on field automation solutions. Its areas of expertise are Substation Automation ('SA') solutions, Distribution Automation ('DA') solutions and engineering & consultancy services.

The Company has established a significant global footprint in the electricity transmission and distribution automation sector through the delivery of total solutions, reliable product and expertise in the development of communication protocols.



The Company's SA hardware solution is called XCell. It is an intelligent information platform developed to meet the unique field automation needs of power utilities. XCell is a modular platform with features including protocol conversion, substation communication, I/O data monitoring and physical automation. XCell can be fitted to new substations or retro-fitted to existing substations and can be fully integrated with other substation equipment. It provides flexibility and scalability to accommodate power utilities of varying scale.



The Company's Workbench software solution is a user interface for XCell. Windows based, Workbench allows remote and local systems access. Its key components are a monitoring and diagnostics tool, a remote configuration tool, an application development tool, a firmware flash programming tool and a systems analysis capacity.



Substation Automation, Retrofit RTU, New RTU, Distribution Automation, IED Integration



In addition to producing hardware and software solutions, the Company provides engineering and consultancy services to its clients, enabling the Company to leverage its considerable power utility technology and market experience. In addition to the turnkey delivery of full substation automation systems, the Company offers Smart Grid solutions providing intelligent restoration of secondary distribution networks as well as WindSCADA applications that can provide the comprehensive management of wind farm operations.



The Company is experienced in the delivery of solutions to the latest emerging industry standards (IEC 61850) and supplied the very first IEC 61850 solution into East Africa in the form of a total substation automation solution for 132kV and 33kV substations.


Website : www.cgglobal.com/us

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