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Incorporated in 1947, as Pauwels Belgium NV, the Company was founded by the Pauwels family. In 2005, the Pauwels Group as a whole, including this Company, became a part of the CG family.

CG Power Systems Belgium, headquartered at Mechelen in Belgium, has built for itself a worldwide reputation for using the most advanced technology and the highest production standards, as one of the leading manufacturers of power and distribution transformers.

The major customers of CG Power Systems Belgium comprise highly demanding power utilities and industrial customers across Europe and the Middle East.



The Business of CG Power Systems Belgium forms an integral part of the Power Systems Strategic Business Unit of CG and consists of two major sub-businesses : Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers.


Power Transformers

The Company enjoys a strong reputation for its expertise related to design and manufacturing of high voltage power transformers with its top of the product range and profile.

Every power transformer is customized, to exceed the expectations of its demanding customers, to fulfill the most stringent requirements and applications. The Company provides its customers with unique transformers and innovative solutions. Over the past six decades, this facility has firmly established an enviable quality reputation; and takes pride in building products and offering solutions, with high levels of reliability and safety.

This facility also manufactures custom-made medium and large power transformers (5 MVA up to 575 MVA/525 kV); auto transformers up to 400 MVA/525 kV; phase-shifting transformers upto 500 MVA/525 kV, as well as special purpose and mobile transformers.

The design of the Company's medium power transformers combines the advantages of highly developed and mature manufacturing techniques, which have sustained themselves through onerous constraints expected from high-end power transformers, thus yielding an economical yet high-performance products.


Distribution Transformers

Standard Distribution Transformers (IEC and ANSI standards)

This facility is also located at Mechelen in Belgium; and offers a wide range of standard liquid-filled distribution transformers for the distribution of electricity to consumers. The standard product range also includes cast resin, SLIM® and Bio-SLIM® transformers (which are uniquely positioned for the windmill industry) and are ideally suited for environments demanding the highest levels of safety and reliability. The Company's distribution transformers combine the multiple customer proposition of being reliable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective with a proven track record. Thanks to the standardisation of design and manufacturing processes, short delivery times can be assured.


Special Distribution Transformers

In addition to the standard range, the Company also manufactures special distribution transformers for industrial applications. These non-standard types are the result of extensive product development, based on anticipation, constant monitoring and evaluation of changing customer needs in the various market segments. The special distribution transformers have specific mechanical and/or electrical characteristics; and in a majority of cases, these are designed through premium processes and using standard production techniques; thus requiring only a minimum of modifications in the production process.



The Company is the birthplace of the SLIM® Transformer. In 2001 the Company entered into a key strategic partnering relationship with DuPont covering the use of Nomex® Thermal Technology in the latest generation of SLIM® compact distribution transformers. Working in close collaboration with DuPont, the Company has developed innovative solutions in these areas. The inclusion of Nomex® thermal protection from DuPont has resulted in a family of liquid-filled compact transformers with the best power : weight : size ratios currently available in the market.



The Company facilities manufactures to IEC and ANSI standards; and are also certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 quality and environment standards respectively.



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