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In 1994, the erstwhile Pauwels Group acquired Federal Pioneer, a division of Schneider Canada, specialized in the production of large power transformers. This acquisition led to the development of a very successful blend of Belgian expertise and Federal Pioneer's EHV transformer know-how. In 2005, the Pauwels Group as a whole, including this facility, became a part of the CG worldwide family.

The Business of CG Power Systems Canada forms an integral part of the Power Systems Strategic Business Unit of CG.



CG Power Systems Canada manufactures medium and large power transformers to IEEE-standards, CSA standards and IEC standards where required. CG Power Systems Canada's technological expertise in the field of HVDC converter transformers is amongst the most advanced in the world, as is its leadership in large autotransformer technology.


Range of Power transformers

  • Medium and large power
  • Mobile transformers
  • Autotransformers
  • Phase-shifting transformers
  • HVDC converter transformers



  • Usage of Unigraphics, Parametirc Design System – to improve accuracy and throughput of designs
  • Test Bay upgrade - to 150 kV 400 amp
  • Load cells on crane for accurate measurement of transformer weights, thus improving safety
  • Induced Generator Reactors for replacement of old units
  • Coil/Winding Upender Modifications to allow removal of mandrel with winding vertical



CG Power Systems Canada Inc
101 Rockman Street,
Winnipeg, MB R3T 0L7,

Tel : + 1 204 452 7446
Fax :+ 1 204 453 8644

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