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Emotron was created from a merger of three companies active within power electronics, control algorithms and motor design, with routes back to 1975. In 2011, the Emotron Group became a part of the CG family. The head office is situated in Helsingborg, Sweden.




CG Drives and Automation develops solutions for controlling machines and processes driven by electric motors, combining state of the art technology with robust design and user-friendliness. Through successful in-house R&D efforts, CG Drives and Automation can offer a wide range of premium products based on proprietary software and hardware. The product portfolio comprises e.g. low voltage AC drives (or variable speed drives, VSDs), softstarters and shaft power monitors. Along with the products, CG Drives and Automation also offers service, maintenance, and product training.

Manufacturing and assembly take place at the Group’s head office in Helsingborg, Sweden. There are laboratories and development resources in Helsingborg and in Bladel, the Netherlands. Sales and marketing functions are performed through own sales organisations in the Group’s home markets – Nordic, Germany and Benelux, a sales office for Latin America in Miami, USA, and a representation office in Shanghai for China.

CG Drives and Automation is an integrated part of Industrial Systems with main focus on drives. The business of CG Drives and Automation contributes strongly to Industrial Systems’ complete offering for rotating machines.


AC drives

An AC drive controls the application by continuously adjusting the motor speed. This results in reduced energy usage and prevents unnecessary wear of the equipment. CG Drives and Automation offers a wide product range in the low voltage drives segment. Direct torque control and built-in shaft power monitoring are examples of premium features of CG Drives and Automation AC drives. Direct torque control is considered an excellent method to control motor speed and torque and enables optimal usage of the motor. CG Drives and Automation AC drives are also offered with active front end technology. This enables low harmonic operation as well as regeneration capability for energy saving. The shaft power monitoring reacts if the operation should deviate from selected load levels.



High start currents and mechanical stress can cause damage to equipment driven by electric motors. A softstarter ensures smooth starts, resulting in lower current usage and reduced maintenance costs. CG Drives and Automation’s premium softstarter, CG Drives and Automation MSF, has an efficient torque control that offers smooth starts with constant acceleration, and reduces start currents by approximately 30 percent more than conventional softstarters with voltage control. A built-in shaft power monitoring function reacts immediately to any deviation from the selected load levels. The CG Drives and Automation MSF range has cUL/UL approval up to 835 A.


Shaft power monitor

The shaft power monitor protects equipment against damage and downtime by monitoring the shaft load and using the motor as a “sensor”. It enables preventive actions by initiating warnings or stopping the process at selected load levels, e.g. if a crusher is jammed or a pump is running dry. This results in reduced replacement costs and in more reliable operations. CG Drives and Automation offers two shaft power monitor models, the CG Drives and Automation M20 and the CG Drives and Automation DCM.



CG Drives and Automation is certified according to ISO 9001 standard in Sweden and Netherlands



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