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Emotron Drives
Emotron AC drives are noted for high reliability, robust design and easy handling. They have been developed for energy-efficient and smooth control of flow and pressure, and for very efficient and accurate control of dynamic applications.


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Emotron Softstarters

Emotron softstarters offer ultra-smooth starts with constant acceleration. Torque boost can be used to overcome initial torque peaks. Advanced braking techniques ensure quick but smooth stops that will reduce mechanical stress and improve efficiency. A built-in monitor prevents damage and downtime.


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Emotron Monitors
Emotron shaft power monitors protect your process against damage and downtime. A unique technique offers accurate and reliable supervision across the whole load range. Early warnings allow for preventive action before the pump runs dry or the crusher is jammed. Using the motor as a sensor eliminates the need for external sensors and extra cabling.


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Drive solutions
Adding our engineering competence will ensure best performance in your specific application. We can make hardware or software customizations, design complete drive systems based on our AC drives, motors and transformers, or deliver turn-key solutions including everything from engineering to commissioning.

Drive solutions

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OEM solutions
Add value to your product by integrating intelligent control! We have designed tailored solutions for leading manufacturers of industrial equipment such as pumps, fans, cranes and crushers. Working with us means direct connection to the core of the company and access to a worldwide service networ

OEM solutions

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Applications & Industries
Knowing your process means we can offer fit-for-purpose solutions. We combine state-of-the-art technology for accurate motor control, with robust design and user-friendliness. Simple solutions to complicated challenges!

Application & Industries

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