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Stampings and Laminations

Stampings and Laminations

Manufacturing of electrical laminations started in 1976 to support motors, fans, pumps and chokes divisions.

CG started its unit for manufacturing electrical laminations in the year 1976 at Mumbai to support all its divisions manufacturing motors, fans, pumps and chokes. In order to meet the growth expectations of the internal divisions as well as cater to the requirements of outside industries, we started a new plant at M.I.D.C, Ahmednagar in 2004.

The stampings division of CG has:

  • Ultra modern tool room for in-house tool manufacturing allowing shorter lead time.
  • The capability to offer various grades of high quality steel from imported and Indian sources both in fully processed and semi processed through In-house continuous roller hearth annealing furnace.
  • The capability to manufacture through various processes:  
    notching, blanking, gang slotting and progression and diameters ranging from 50 to 1250 mm in round and 1100 mm width segmental.
  • The capability to offer welded, riveted, auto stacked, skewed packs and die cast rotors.

Stampings / Laminations

CG’s Electrical Stampings unit was established in the year 1976...

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