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Holisticly brand sustainable solutions rather than clicks-and-mortar applications.
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CG R&D Centres are state-of-the-art facilities which cater to New Product Development and technology needs for its Strategic Business Units.

The centres employ highly qualified manpower and robust infrastructure driven by strong technology processes.

Through its research contributions, CG has earned itself much recognition.


The development of technology at CG goes back a long way to its founder, Colonel R E B Crompton, a pioneer in the electrical engineering during the late 19th, early 20th century. CG was the first to introduce locomotives in India.

There have been a number of technology firsts from CG. The establishment of R&D in 1977 stands as a testimony to the spirits of the early Pioneers and the Vision of the founder of CG. Our ability to successfully manage technology from the earliest bright ideas to full delivery is vital for the future. Working closely with the divisions and our external partners, it is our responsibility to secure the Company’s Company’s future in a competitive and global environment. We are delivering the innovations and breakthroughs that are driving growth for CG`s businesses and revolutionizing markets.

Today, CG boasts of a comprehensive product and technology portfolio that includes Transformers, Switchgear, Motors and Automation Products to name a few.


• The Manufacturer of Slipring Induction Motor for Largest Single Drive Cement Mill.

• The Manufacturer of High Voltage Flame proof motor for Gas Group IIC.

• The Manufacture of High Voltage Radiation Zone Motor for Nuclear Power (Inside Dome application).